Summary of Services

Summary of Services Available


  • Administrative Coaching Ongoing, on-site principal/administrative coaching to keep the school focused on the linguistic and academic needs of English learners. This service promotes ongoing conversations around the development and consistent focus of district goals around EL achievement. These sessions include conversations, classroom observations, and reflections, through the eyes of the instructional leader of the district/school.
  • Instructional Coaching Ongoing instructional coaching within, and to support, classroom instruction of English learners. This support can include any of the following: (1) modeling of instruction to support linguistic and academic instruction of English learners, (2) co-teaching with instructors to support specific instruction for English learners, (3) instructional observation and giving feedback specific to instruction for English learners, and (4) a more formal process of pre-conferencing, observing, and post-confercing, to encourage teacher reflection on their own instructional improvement.
  • Professional Development These sessions are designed to encourage research-based instruction to improve linguistic and academic achievement of English learners. These sessions can be for a a group at the school site, the full school site,  a group of school sites, or for an entire district. The administrative staff of the school site(s) is always strongly encouraged to fully participate in these sessions.


  • Systems Coaching This service focuses on the district plans, financial resources, and district compliance issues, related to English learners. Within this service, we share our decades of knowledge and experience in supporting English learners. Alignment and consistency with district plans and the work of school sites is critical for a consistent and effective English learner program.

We look forward to discussing these services with you. We believe that all four above services need to happen simultaneously in order to achieve the goal of increasing linguistic and academic achievement of English leaners.

Sam Nofziger, Ed.D.

Founder, The English Learner Group, Inc.